We Install Why Go Central Vac What Does It All Mean
Vac Pan
Model                        Ethos Series                              550-LS                              970-XLS
Suction                             135                                       137                                     147
Airwatts*                           550                                       465                                     675
Air Flow                         Flow Thru                               Tang                                    Tang
Storage Capacity              9L                                         9L                                      28L
Quiet                                  Yes                                       Yes                                     Yes
Filtration                            Hepa                                   Hepa                                 Hepa
Optional                             Bag                                      Bag                                    Bag
Warranty                           7 year                                 10 year                              10 year
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central Vac Bags
Cloth filter
Wet Pick Up Tank Attachment Set

Wet Pick Up Kit gives you the
ability to convert your central
vacuum into a wet pick-up system.
25 Ft Hose and Canister
Central Vac Fittings
Hose Kits Straight Air Or Electric
Available 30 and 35 ft Hose Kits
Available 30 and 35 ft Hose Kits